PRICE LIST 2014-2015

Island Cottage Restaurant (15 June to 15 September)

Dinner set menu


€40 per person
Start @ €20 a bottle
€20 per person
From €100

NEW - Lunch set menu €20 per person, wine extra
April, May & June

Cookery School (April, May, June, September, October and November)

Two-Day Cookery Course
with overnight stay at Island Cottage.

€300 per person
min two people.

NEW One-Day Cookery Course €200 min/max two people
Deposit €100
Vouchers: €200

Cookery School (July & August)

Intensive cookery courses €600
accommodation provided for one person
Deposit: €300
Vouchers: €600
Specialty Courses €75 per person/two people
Deposit €75
Vouchers: €150
Vouchers can be used for: paintings, restaurant or courses

Off The Island (October to June)

Cookery Demonstrations

12 to 32 people
please contact us for prices

Private Dinners

8 to 10 people

Cork City and County

€75 per person

Outside Co Cork

€100 per person

Private Dinner or Lunch on the island  (Oct to June)

Private Dinner or Lunch: 
at Island Cottage.

16 to 22 people
€40 per person

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